COVID 19 – Gibraltar to enter General Lockdown


The CM defined that this turned into the first-rate manner to obtain the social distancing required on the way to sluggish the unfold of Covid 19. As from Tuesday morning, the Royal Gibraltar Police could have power to implement those guidelines.

Below is the Chief Minister’s complete announcement. “My pricey fellow Gibraltarians The time has come. We have reached another tough second in our paintings to sluggish down Coronavirus COVID 19. As we have visible, the variety of people identified with this merciless sickness in Gibraltar creep up, we have noted the sharp increase in people identified regrettably, also in Spain.


The Director of Public Health has now suggested that as the virus is within the population, the excellent manner to obtain the social distancing required is to sluggish the sickness to move to a complete social lock down. As a result, at a Cabinet assembly attended by the Leader of the Opposition this morning, we have consequently agreed to difficulty new rules for this motive. Regulations below the Civil Contingencies Act have consequently been signed via the Minister to offer for the lock down. In order to offer human beings and organizations time to alter, the brand new rules will come into impact in the dead of night on Tuesday.

That is to mention, at 0 hours on Tuesday. The policies will don’t have any impact day after today. I ask you to apply the following day to make adjustments and adjustments vital to adapt to existence below the new regulations. The new regulations are similarly to the guidelines for over 70s, which stay unchanged. In truth, there’s greater leeway within the regulations for those under 70s.

The tighter policies for the over 70s need to remain found, unchanged. My expensive fellow Gibraltarians, agreeing to the making of these policies has surely been the hardest selection I actually have had to make in my political profession to date.

I realize that the same is real for all my Cabinet colleagues.

But those extraordinary instances require first rate action.

And we’ve now not hesitated to act when required.

We will no longer hesitate to do what we should do so one can sluggish the spread of the virus. I know it could be difficult additionally for you.

Whether you own a enterprise or you figure in our financial system or even if you are not presently working.

If you’re walking a enterprise that is covered with the aid of the regulations, please notify your personnel as quickly as possible.

If you’re able to, do now not open day after today.

We are allowing a further twenty-four hours so that you can make arrangements.

But do now not assume that because we are allowing an additional 24 hours, our problem isn’t immediate.

Offices can retain to function.

But please attempt to make money working from home if you could and perform the applicable social distancing pointers in case you can’t.

On Tuesday, our colleges will be open for your children when you have registered them for the important thing employee scheme.

On Tuesday, you could go to paintings as long as you aren’t inside the retail alternate. Supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and chemists will remain open.

You can go to paintings on your workplace – but please, please take a look at social distancing rules.

If feasible far flung work if you may.

If you operate a eating place, you may be able to preserve to offer a much valued remove service.

Delivery drivers will continue to be able to deliver.

These are actually also essentials provided with the aid of essential employees.

As from Tuesday, all production sites will be closed except they’ve a allow from the Chief Technical Officer to retain paintings during the pandemic.

Some critical works and a few works that create no issues may be capable of preserve.

Commercial gyms will be closed as from Tuesday, but not due to the untrue and unwarranted hearsay that there has been any spike notified to Government at any nearby gymnasium so far.

Again, foolish, unfounded rumours hold to circulate on Facebook and people nevertheless pick to consider them.

It facilitates nobody at this level to have such nonsense happening.

In Gibraltar, and below our regulations, you will be capable of go out for a run or a stroll, however you need to study the rules of social distancing.

You will be capable of go out to exercising youngsters.

And of route you’ll be capable of go out to save and for different necessities.

You should not be out and approximately apart from with a person who already lives inside the same belongings as you.

Although we have had regard to the guidelines of many different nations, our guidelines had been designed specially for Gibraltar.

Our demographic occasions are one-of-a-kind to most other nations.

And our policies are designed to take those components of life in Gibraltar into consideration.

Where important, we will overview the policies in coming days.

Please allow us to preserve targeted on slowing down this virus.

Let us understand that failure isn’t always the boom of the quantity of detected infections.

Failure is an useless growth inside the wide variety of deaths.

Failure is not slowing the virus down so that we’re able to deal with the numbers of infected people manifesting at our sanatorium.

Tomorrow, Minister for Education, Gilbert Licudi will be taking the press conference to address subjects springing up in recognize of our schools and how they operate in these exceptional instances.


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