Graybill, Knudsen face off in lawyer wellknown race: Austin Knudsen

Graybill, Knudsen

Republican Roosevelt County Attorney and previous Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen faces Governor’s Counsel Raph Graybill, a Democrat, within the widespread election for attorney wellknown.

“(I want to be legal professional fashionable) due to the fact I suppose Montana oughta have a top law enforcement reliable who has without a doubt treated law enforcement who has sincerely prosecuted criminals,” Knudsen stated. “… We are clearly facing a horrible unlawful drug and violent crime trouble in Montana. Those things have spiked inside the ultimate five or six years, and they have spiked at the identical time and admittedly, I have dealt with each. I’m the Roosevelt County Attorney and I’m the total-time crook prosecutor and pills is set absolutely what I address in Wolf Point.”

He said humans cannot say the identical approximately his opponent, who he said has zero enjoy with prosecution, with law enforcement and with placing humans in prison.

Graybill, Knudsen

“I’ve been a training legal professional in Montana for properly over a decade, maximum of that point in personal exercise, however I’ve practiced all unique kinds of regulation,” he said. “I’ve represented all specific customers in Montana with all distinctive varieties of criminal issues from land to natural resources to estate planning, wills, trusts, probate – I did that for 10 years. Now you add within the reality that I’m an experienced criminal prosecutor I have been doing that for 2 years, I’ve were given a totally diverse felony heritage – Raph simply does not.”

Montana has seen a 36 percent growth in violent crime since 2013, he added.

“I do not care who you communicate to whether it’s your local sheriff or if it’s any of the tribal investigators, or frankly if it’s the federal cops in Montana all of them will tell you the same component – it’s capsules,” Knudsen said. “It’s mostly methamphetamine, but there are some others in

the state, but that virtually is what is driving the violent crime up as meth abuse has accelerated in Montana so has all violent crime the results – rape, sexual attack, homicides, alas – they have got all elevated quite extensively on account that 2013.”

He said the attorney wellknown’s office have become pretty bloated, and with his heritage as a nation legislator and speaker of the house, he is aware the nation budget as well as the legislative manner to create a country finances.

“I want to are available in, I want to lessen the scale of bureaucracy in Helena inside the Department of Justice and I want to reallocate all of those resources out to neighborhood enforcement and neighborhood prosecution because they may be the ones which can be really handling this hassle at the front lines,” Knudsen said. “It isn’t the Department of Justice civil discourse in Helena it truly is dealing with meth troubles in Havre, that doesn’t assist in Hill County. What facilitates is your county commissioner has the cash to rent any other deputy or put together a drug dog for tablets and addictions, or perhaps hire any other legal professional for the county lawyer’s office to hold up with prosecution. Those are the things which might be genuinely going to have a measurable difference in law enforcement and with the drug problem.”

He added that he thinks the country has been heavy-surpassed in coping with COVID-19.

He said he thinks South Dakota is a splendid example to look at.

“When you observe how Gov. (Kristi) Noem dealt with the disaster in South Dakota versus how Montana treated it, and albeit how quite a few different states has handled, it there simply is no distinction in the contamination charge,” Knudsen said. “Governor Noem in South Dakota took a completely character obligation stance, she informed her residents that if they have been unwell stay home, in case you were afraid of having sick stay home, social distanced, but she wasn’t heavy-passed approximately it.”

As of Sunday, South Dakota, which has a population of less than 900,000 had 24,418 showed cases of COVID-19.

Montana, with a population barely greater than 1 million, had 14,635 cases.

“We’ve seen no mathematical distinction among the quotes of contamination,” he added. “Gov. (Steve) Bullock has been very heavy-surpassed and, look, I’m the county attorney in Roosevelt County I’m the one who, definitely, Gov. Bullock dumped all the enforcement one. He casted these kinds of mandates without the Legislature and he just stated ‘these are matters we’re going to do,’ however then on the subject of enforcement he just stated, ‘oh well, I’m not coping with which you county attorneys you determine that out you cope with that.'”

Local monitoring and law of the pandemic generally is dealt with by way of the county health departments and fitness forums.

Knudsen said it has been hard, tough, frustrating, and it’s been irritating because the county lawyer, it’s irritating for local health officers who are uncertain approximately what authority they have got, and what they could do legally and what they can not.

“It’s been very irritating and I assume numerous the stuff frankly, is petering on the brink of unconstitutionality,” he delivered.

He said he has been against mail-in balloting considering the fact that he turned into inside the Legislature.

“I am a hard no on mail-in ballots,” he stated.

Fraud exists, he said.

He also helps overturning the Affordable Care Act, but it isn’t always a priority of his, he stated.

He said the case has been fully argued, fully briefed, it is in the fingers of the U.S. Supreme Court and they may be going to come to a decision no matter what Montana does.

“It might be a waste of taxpayer greenbacks for the Attorney General’s Office in Montana to weigh in that case,” Knudsen said. “It’s been completely briefed. The horse has left the barn.”

The Knudsen family is dealing with a lawsuit approximately their blockading access to a veterans park this is next to their land.

He stated this lawsuit is on an access dispute.

“I can call my outdoor a park, that doesn’t make it a park, but there are two non-public entities which might be preventing over get admission to, which frequently takes place in Montana,” he stated. “It is an unlucky scenario. I do not suppose anyone wanted it to get right here. I suppose it’s important to recognise that institution sued my own family first.”

This an inherited issue, he stated, this is going again about 3 previous landowners to his own family.

Previous landowners had granted popular get right of entry to to the park, with the overall access blocked after Knudsen’s own family took possession of their assets subsequent to it.

His grandparents offered the area whilst he become 10, in 1990, Knudsen said.

“It’s a a long time-antique get entry to dispute that a long way precedes my own family proudly owning the property,” Knudsen stated. “The local American Legion submit has fought with the proprietors of the land my circle of relatives now owns over get entry to to a landlocked parcel, because they never acquired an get entry to easement to that parcel. My circle of relatives has continually granted them get admission to to their property upon request. Certain neighborhood Legion contributors have private vendettas, and sued for an easement.

“This is what we have the civil gadget for, it will work through and it’s going to get settled or it will get litigated one manner or the opposite,” he introduced.

He said people have to understand he is very a whole lot of a conservative and he wears that on his sleeve, and always has.

He led as a conservative within the Montana House of Representatives, he said.

“I am very plenty a budget hawk and that’s the mind-set I’m going to deliver to the Attorney General’s Office,” Knudsen said. “I’m very worried about the spending in Helena. It has far out-paced non-public area boom in Montana. Helena has completed very, very well within the ultimate 16 years in which towns like Havre, Culbertson and Wolf Point have now not and I assume there’s a problem with that.”

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